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Here are the costs to consider when joining Headcorn Judo Club:

Firstly, you will need to become a Member of the Headcorn Judo Club which is £15 per year (per family). 

Secondly, you will need to pay for the weekly sessions that you attend.  This is currently £6 per session and is charged termly in advance.  So, a terms fees (typically 10 weeks) are currently £60.00.  A discretionary sibling discount of 20% on session fees applies to second and third members from the same family. 

(The 30-minute novice class is half the normal class rate, so £3).

Finally you will need to become a member of the British Judo Association (BJA).  Introductory three-month memberships are currently free (as at December 2023) and annual membership is £31 for juniors, seniors £42.  This membership should be arranged directly with the BJA. You can join online via their website: (click on the link below).


If possible we'll always try to provide you with a judo suit if we have the size available and the rental fee is £25.  If you outgrow your suit you can swap it for the next size (as available) for no further charge. Suits must be returned to the Club freshly laundered when your membership ceases.

Members and their families are always grateful for this policy of striving to keep members costs down - particularly for junior members who seem to grow so fast.

The small print: we do ask that members give half a term's notice to cancel membership.

How much does it cost?: Inner_about
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