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To start judo you first need to register with the Club and ensure places are still available.  As at July 2023 there are some remaining junior places.  Do email or call to check there are still places available.  Our email address is or you may telephone 07958668652.

Once a space is available you can then arrange to come along to a first lesson completely free.  Once registered you will be asked to complete an application form and to send this with your first term’s fees to: Headcorn Judo Club, 25 Sharp’s Field, Headcorn, Kent, TN27 9UF.   Details of fees will be included on the application form. 

A judo suit (judogi) is not mandatory but it is certainly useful in that it was designed for the sport.  The judogi is reinforced in all the right places and consists of a jacket, trousers and belt.  The only other personal equipment required would be a pair of zori, which are Japanese style slippers and are needed for walking to and from the training or contest mat  (a lot of people use flip-flops or sliders for this purpose).  The Club has a number of suits which may be rented.  This is how it works: the member needs only to pay a £25 fee which covers suit rental (as available) while you are a member with us. Thus, if you outgrow the suit you can swap for a larger size.  Hair should be tied up, nails cut short and no jewellery worn.  
Aside from the right clothing, members will also need to join the British Judo Association (BJA) to obtain a licence.  One reason for this is insurance.  Although the accident rate in judo is far lower than in some other sports, it has to be said that judo is a tough combat sport.  It is therefore compulsory to have a licence which gives insurance cover.  The licence will also allow the individual to participate in competitions and gradings.

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