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NEW - Finding Your Feet

If you're over 50 then statistics prove that you will become at increasing risk of falling.  The time to learn how to fall safely is BEFORE you fall.  This is a life lesson that you only need to learn once.

Therefore Headcorn Judo Club will be offering a one-off session in Headcorn Village Hall where you can learn to break your fall and minimise the risk of injury.  We have crash mats and floor mats and the expertise to share.

So why not invest a little time in yourself and learn how to protect yourself in future?

If you would be interested in participating then please email

Finding Your Feet with BJA and Gentrle W



Falls are an important problem for older people and society.  We need to find ways to help improve the quality of life for these older people - often just the fear of falling can provoke older people to fall more often.

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