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NEW - Finding Your Feet

The British Judo Association in conjunction with the Anglia Ruskin University and Hertfordshire University have launched a new way to apply judo skills to assist older people whose lives are impacted by a fear of falling.

Judo coaches are trained and qualified in teaching people how to avoid losing their balance and fall safely.  British judo is empowering its coaches to use their skills and expertise to help older people learn to fall in a safer way.

Headcorn Judo Club has now created a gentle series of classes to teach techniques for safe landing as well as how to avoid losing balance. We have the mats required and the skills to share and therefore will be introducing some classes for the older members of our community to help build their confidence.

Rest assured that these are not traditional judo classes. Rather, we are using specific techniques that are taught in judo which are applied to suit the audience and their needs. Everyone’s needs will be different but the pace will be slow to ensure progress is made. We have the full backing of the British Judo Association and will be one of the first judo clubs in the country to commence these classes. If they are successful then we will explore how to offer more people the benefits of these sessions.


Classes will be on Tuesday lunchtimes from 28th May between 1pm and 2pm.  As you might imagine, understanding each individual's circumstances is important therefore we ask that everyone arrives 15 minutes early (12.45pm) in order that they complete a questionnaire.

Each session will cost £3.


Numbers will necessarily be limited so if you know someone who would like to participate then you please register using the form here.  We will then reply to confirm if a place is available.  If you prefer to telephone to reserve a place you are welcome to do that, simply call Jane on 07958 668652.

Finding Your Feet with BJA and Gentrle W


Falls are an important problem for older people and society.  We need to find ways to help improve the quality of life for these older people - often just the fear of falling can provoke older people to fall more often.

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