Virtual Gradings

Don't let lockdown hold you back!

The British Judo Association has launched a scheme whereby you can grade once during lockdown.

Yes it’s a great idea from our governing body. Here are the things to consider:

  • Judokas can only move up one grade. i.e. 3rd Mon to 4th Mon

  • No cost to you, one grading is absolutely free, though your membership must be up to date

  • Grading carried out by me by either ‘live’ (facetime, whatsap, zoom) or send in a video recording. Theory questions could be asked and filmed by parents or by me.

  • Judoka will need to follow shadow judo (Tandoku Renshu) to demonstrate the technique actions.

  • Google the action but this video shows it perfectly and even suggests a lockdown scenario:



  • Check out your syllabus for your next grade and start practising your Tandoku Renshu.

  • Of course if you have a sibling that does Judo then they could help, but only if you have space and only for groundwork techniques as safety is important.

  • So take advantage of this great lockdown offer and come back to the Tatami fighting fit and one grade up from when you were last in the Dojo!

  • Make use of the BJA grading videos here, and use your own interpretation of Tandoku Renshu:



  • Also, news on membership fees. The BJA has announced that you should renew your membership as normal but that they will extend the membership by the lockdown period. All information is given here:

Virtual Gradings

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